CM Garage Services

Servicing, Repairs & Mot's

CM Garage - Genuine Service Parts

All our servicing is carried out to the highest standard and includes all filters, a “Forte” oil flush and fuel treatment. We carry 99% of genuine Alfa Romeo and Fiat filters in stock at all times to ensure the correct service part is available immediately. In addition, we carry a vast range of comprehensive parts within our stock in order to prevent any unnecessary waiting for “part deliveries”! We can also fit OE approved parts to assist in keeping the costs down without affecting your manufacturers warranty.

All our repairs and maintenance work is carried out in our clean modern workshop. We have 5×4 Tonne 2 post lifts and a 4 post MOT ramp. These facilities alongside our wide stock range ensures you are safely on your way home without delay.

Repairs and Maintenance

CM Garage - General Repair Parts

All our Reapirs and Maintenance is carried out in our clean modern workshop, we have 5x 4 Tonne 2 post lifts and a 4 post MOT ramp in our workshop so getting your car checked over and repaired is not a problem so wether you need a suspension component repaired or replaced or a oil cooler pipe replaced we can do it all at CM Garage Services, we carry a vast range of parts in stock to prevent any unnecessary waiting times for parts to be delivered therefore decreasing the time it takes to get you car back on the road again.

Diagnostics / Electrical Repairs

CM Garage - Electrical Diagnosis and Repair

CM Garage specialised in diagnostics and electrical faults. We therefore never send any car to an auto electrician or dealer. Whether you have warning lights on the dashboard, electrical components causing problems or simply your vehicle not starting, we at CM Garage will detect the fault and rectify in the most economic way.

CM Garage have the latest diagnostic tools that are available alongside 2 genuine examiners with “sam's box” (smart analogue modules) that can be used to check all signals and components are fully operational. We also offer digital petrol and diesel compression tests. Additions and upgrades can also be carried out, from uprated lights, blue-tooth hand free kits, parking sensors and ICE (in car entertainment) etc.

Tyres & Wheel Alignment

CM Garage - Front Wheel Alignment

Are your tyres wearing unevenly, car not handling the road as sharp as it used to or car pulling to one side when driving?

We can fully check your steering, suspension and tyres and carry out a 4 wheel alignment to ensure your steering geometry is set within the manufacturers variance ensuring you benefit from the best handling and maximising your fuel efficiency.

We can supply and fit tyres to suit your budget, ranging from performance branded tyres to the budget tyre brands.

Engine & Gearbox Overhauls

CM Garage - Gearbox Overhaul

At CM Garage we can repair failures on your engine or gearbox in house and in the most cost effective manner to ensure you are back on the road in no time. Common faults we encounter are as follows:

Timing Belt snapped        Cylinder Head Gasket blown        Crunching noises on gear change

Turbo whining / collapse        Gears not changing smoothly        Big End Shells rattling

All repairs carried out to the highest standard of workmanship

Timing Belts & Chains

CM Garage - Timing Parts

Is your mileage or car age creeping up towards the recommended timing belt replacement interval or is your timing chain starting to rattle? Don’t worry, we can replace your belt and or chain and any other component that may be required at a highly competitive cost. All authorised tooling as used by the larger dealers is used at our Garage to ensure the timing put in place maximises the running and efficiency of your engine. Please do not delay the replacing of your timing belt as it is a far less costly procedure than repairing an engine that has suffered a snapped timing belt or timing chain.

Powerflex Suspension Upgrades

CM Garage - Powerflex Upgrades

We are an approved “Powerflex Distributor”. Upgrading your worn suspension to Polyurethane brushes can substantially benefit your vehicle in many ways from better handling, increases suspension life and even cost efficiency. For further information on the benefits of Powerflex Brushes see Here.


CM Garage - ATL MOT Station

We are approved by VOSA (the government appointed vehicle operator services agency). Our MOT testing station is an “Automated Test Lane” (ATL) for Class 4 and Class 7 vehicles. An MOT is a legal requirements and it is essential that your MOT test is carried out properly and on time or you could find yourself facing a traffic offence charge or insurance rejected due to not having a valid certificate.

At CM Garage one of our trained approved MOT testers will test your car, advise you of the outcome and issue you with your certificate. We will even send you a reminder next year for your convenience.

Air Conditioning Service

CM Garage - A/C Service Centre

We are a fully certified Air Conditioning service centre and all our technicians have the recognised gas handling qualifications to carry out any repair on your vehicle that requires gas handling. We can offer basic Air-Con re-gas to a full Air-Con service that includes recovery of gas, nitrogen test to check for leaks, vacuum test to boil any moisture from the system followed by a re-gas, pollen filter and finally a sanitizer to remove any odours from heating and ventilation system to ensure the air your breathing is clean and free from any bacteria that has gathered in the air vents.

Software Updates

CM Garage - Software Updates

Is your “Blue and Me” system playing up or misbehaving with your current phone or simply not working correctly since you upgraded your mobile phone? Perhaps your Windows Media player or “Blue and Me” inbuilt Satnav is not operating properly, then there is a high chance it is running on out of date software. Mobile phone technology is advancing at a rate requiring in car technology having to keep up at a similar pace. In order to to keep you up to date we can fully update your “Blue and Me” system to the latest software available. We can also update your “Parrot Kit” to the most updated version.

Recovery Service

CM Garage - Recovery Service

Don't have recovery? No need to worry as we can have your car uplifted and recovered straight to us, usually within a few hours of receiving your call or we can simply arrange a date, time and place that suits you.

Body Repairs

CM Garage - Body Repairs

We can arrange high quality Body Repairs on your vehicle. We do not have the facilities in-house however we do have a local professional body repairer / painter that we use frequently with fantastic results every time. We can arrange for dents, scratches and accident damage to be repaired and even alloy wheels refurbished all at highly competitive rates.

Courtesy Cars

CM Garage - Courtesy Car's

We have a 3 car fleet of courtesy cars available for your use while your car is being repaired by us. We would ask that we are given notice if you know you will require the use of a car in order for us to allow allocation. Please present Drivers Licence for insurance purposes only.

Used Parts

CM Garage - Used Parts

We have a wide range of used parts in stock ranging from interior screws, trims, body panels to engine and gear box components etc. No matter how big or small the part needed you can be assured we will endeavour to obtain it for you or we may even have it is stock.